Preparation Eco-Friend and Characteristic of Gold Nanoparticles by Orchid and Gum Arabic as a Reducing Agent


Eco-friendly green synthesis is one of the favorable branches of nanoscience for usage in different biomedical fields this option due to nontoxic and very low cost of synthesis. we describe the preparation of gold nanoparticles using an orchid (polysaccharide) and gum arabic as reducing agent and use new method ( inverse method) in preparation , a new easy and economical method has been developed by adding the gold ion (Au3+) solution to the reducing agent solution with heating and stirring . Green synthesis of gold nano particle using various natural material reduces aqueous HAuCl4.3H2O to Au°. Synthesized nano particle is confirmed by the change of color of chloroauric acid which is yellow in color, and growth of nanoparicle was monitored by surface plasmon behavior using UV-Vis Spectroscopy.The prepared gold nanoparticles was characterized by a peak at 528 nm for both orchid and gum Arabic, zeta potential, AFM, and detect clearly TEM images and the size of the gold nanoparticles were14-30 nm for orchid and 20- 50nm for gum Arabic in size. Morphology whereas TEM image shows different shapes like hexagonal, and spherical.