Comparative study of the renoprotective effects of captopril and aminophylline against cainst cisplatin – induced nephrotoxicty in rats


Background: Cisplatin is one of the most commonly used anti-cancer drugs , but its clinical use was limited by its nephrotoxicity .Methods: In this study we try to investigate the renoprotective effect of captopril and aminophylline against cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity .For this purpose a 36 Sprague Dawley rats was divided randomly to 6 groups , each group consist of 6 rats. The first group given normal saline and act as control group, while the other 5 groups given cisplatin ( 7.5 mg/kg ) , captopril ( 60 mg/kg ) , aminophylline ( 24 mg/kg ) , captopril with cisplatin and aminophylline with cisplatin respectively. All drugs are given as single dose through intraperitonial route. After 6 days blood urea and serum creatinine, malondialdehyde and glutathione are measured and compared with control group.Results: The data show that both captopril and aminophylline posses renoprotective effect against cisplatin – induced nephrotoxicity, also the data show that captopril renoprotective effect is more than that produced by aminophylline.Conclusions: This data can help in increase the dose of cisplatin in clinical uses together with use of renoprotective agent , specially if the patient already need such renoprotective drugs for treatment of disease a way from cisplatin as hypertension .Also more clinical studies required for more assessment of the clinical pattern of this renoprotective effect