Link Analysis in Employment Data Set to Improve Learning Outcomes for IT Programmes


ABSTRACTThis paper presents an approach for analyzing data of the Information Technology graduates according to the employability knowledge areas in order to predict feedback recommendations to improve the IT programmes teaching and learning resources and processes towards the improvement of the programme learning outcomes. The approach is based on features (knowledge areas) extracted from logged data for employment and university graduates. Link analysis is an efficient approach to study the correlation and relationships between different attributes that highly affect jobs in IT market, including different skills areas in both the market and the programme curriculum, and it gives good weighted evaluation for these knowledge areas. The link analysis shows great relationship and associations between these attributes (Student Performance in Bachelor degree, analytical and development skills, Programming skills (Java, C++, C#, etc), practical skills, communication skills, and training and certificates) and the market demands. Data set from IT market and university records is used to create and test the model. WEKA was used as a software for mining tasks.