Evaluated Several Genotypes Postings Wheat Bread (Triticum aestivum L.) Studying some Physiological Traits under The Influence of Salt Water


The experiment was conducted through winter season (2014-2015) in field of Agriculture administration /Kirkuk governate to estimate the genetic diversity for (17) genotypes of bread wheat Triticum aestivum L. under irrigation of two kinds, normal and salt water to estimate of genetic diversity were, the seeds of the genotypes were planted to evaluate the tolerance interaction between them, using RCBD design with three replicates at 19/11/2014. morphological traits were measured at tilleing and spike formation stage. The results showed that the (Atli ) genotype was surpassed in leaf area (1313.13 cm2), last duration of leaf area (46611.82 cm2/dur .time ), relative growth rate (0.007 mg/g / day ), photosynthesis net (0.00007 mg/cm2/ day ), flag leaf area (58.32 cm2), chlorophyll content (SPAD 44.41) , wet weight (27.24 gm/plant ) , relative water content (77.18 %), membrane utility (59.44%), The genotype (Lutfi bey ) was surpassed in dry weight (8.52 gm/plant ), relative growth rate (0.007 mgm/gm/day) , net photosynthesis (0.00008 mgm/cm2 /day), wet weight (26.07 gm/plant), membrane utility (60.08%), while other traits showed least differences unless plant height trait which showed no significant differences between studied genotypes . The results also showed that the increasing of salt level caused significant decreasing in all traits.