Thermodynamic Study of Adsorption Fuchsin Acid LR Dye by Eucalyptus leaves powder


This study is concerned with adsorption isotherm of Fuchsin Acid LR by Eucalyptus leaves powder as adsorbent a low-cost and available .Study the effect of adsorbent dose, contact time, initial concentration, pH, and temperature on the adsorption process, the result show that the equilibrium time was (45 min) . and obtained highest adsorption capacity(94.48%) at the adsorbent dose (0.4g) .the effect of pH on amount of adsorbent as follows (pH=7>3>9) . The adsorption isotherm following (Freundlich and Temkin) equations at low temperatures. The thermodynamic functions (ΔG, ΔH, ΔS) of the dye for their adsorption have been calculated, which show the adsorption is spontaneous and the adsorption is exothermic.