Study of Stability and Calculate Thermodynamic Functions of a Number Complexes Derived from some Schiff Bases with Cadmium Ion


This study included prepared of complexes metal by reacting the Schiff bases derived of some sulfa drugs with vanillin , para-dimethyl aminobenzaladehyde and ortho- hydroxyl benzaldehyde . The Schiff bases and complexes were identified by FT-IR, melting points and UV-Vis spectra, molar conductance. The data showed of spectroscopic studies of the complexes the ratio of metal : ligand obtained are (1:2 ) , while the complexes(Cd-L1 , Cd-L2) the ratio(1:1), also the data showed the high Stability of the complexes and the Stability constant its low by high temperatures its that effect to thermodynamic functions, The data showed of molar conductance of the complexes its non electrolyte , while the complex (Cd-L2 , Cd-L4, Cd-L7 , Cd-L9 ) have molar conductance this ratio (1:1) .