Study of Stability and Calculate Thermodynamic Functions of a Number Complexes Derived from some Schiff Bases with Manganese Ion


This study Includes the preparation of complexes metal by reacting the Schiff bases derived from some sulfa drugs with vanillin , para-dimethyl amino benzaladehyde and Ortho- hydroxyl benzaldehyde . The Schiff bases and complexes were identified by FT-IR, UV-Vis spectra melting points, molar conductance, and magnetic susceptibility. The data of spectroscopic studies of the complexes showed that the ratio of metal : ligand obtained were (1:2 ), also it showed the high Stability of the complexes and . Stability constant were decreased when the temperature increased , so this effected to thermodynamic functions. The data of molar conductance of the complexes showed that these complexes were non electrolyte , while has the complex (Mn-L7) except molar conductance by ratio (1:1) . The data of magnetic susceptibility of the complexes showed that the proposed geometry of the complexes was octahedral.