The Relationship between Lumbar disc Prolapse and Flat Foot


ABSTRACT:Background:Lumbar dick prolapse (herniation) represents one of the most common problems that a neurosurgeon will be called upon to evaluate. It was estimated that 50% of working adult will experience back pain in any given year.Aim:1.To alert the clinician of the relation between LDP and flat foot patient.2.To encourage future studies on this subject to improve types of physiotherapy to treat those patients with flat foot.Materials and Methods:A retrospective study on 25 cases of flat foot patients who were scheduled for lumbar laminectomy were eligible for this study which was carried at the neurosurgical department of Al kadhimiya teaching hospital. Al mousawi private hospital and Al saadi private hospital during 5 yrs period between 2003 – 2008.Results:Age incidence had shown that in 60% of the cases the age was below 25 yrs. And 10 cases were above 25 yrs old in percentage of 40%.The most common sex incidence of lumbar disc prolapse on the flat foot patient was in the male more than female patient.The commonest level of the lumbar disc prolapse in the flat foot patients was L3/L4 60% of the cases, which were diagnosed by the MRI of the lumbar spines.