Study of Adenosine Deaminase(ADA)Enzyme Activity of Children Patients With Kala-azar in Ameria City/AL-Anbar Governorate


A study of the Activity Adenosine Deaminase of the infected children with kala-azar in ameria City/AL-Anbar Governorate, this study is conducted on a sample of 90 male and female children (the range of them between 3 months to 8 years) in the General Ameria hospital and healthy center in AL-Ameria (the period between November 2011 to the end of May 2012) distributed in two groups: the first group includes those who are kala-azar patients (60 subjects ) while the second one includes the control group (30 subjects) , then both groups are subdivided according to four types concerning their age: the first one is less than one year; the second ranges from 1 to 2 years; the third ranges from 3 to 4 years; the fourth includes those who are more than five years. The findings of the study show a significant increase in the activity of (ADA) in the serum of the infected children compared to control group at the probability level (p < 0.05) concerning effect of sex variable on the activity of (ADA), the study shows no significant difference between male and female infected children at the probability level (p < 0.05). As regarded age variable on the activity of (ADA), the study shows significant difference between the different types of infected children at probability level (p < 0.05). It also shows positive correlation relationship between (ADA) Enzyme and weight of the infected children at the probability level (p < 0.05 ) .