The Response of nuclear track detector (CR-39) to alpha particles in the energy range ( 1.5 – 5.37)MeV


The aim of this project is to study the effect of the variation of the energy of α - particles on the plastic detector CR-39 in terms of their effect on the diameters of the tracks and their numbers . The plastic detector CR-39 is irradiated by ( 1.5 – 5.37) MeV α-particle emitted from Amretioum Am241 source . Potassium Hydroxide solution (KOH) with concentration 6.25N , at a temperature of 70 oC was used for etching for different etching times . The experimental results had indicated that maximum absorption of the enrgy of α-particals which corresponds to the maximum track diameter is at an energy of 1.75 MeV , and that the maximum number of tracks which is 524 occurs at energy of 2MeV