Treatment of wastewater of Oil Refinery by Ozone


The goal of the research to find the effect of ozone concentration on treatment of oil refinery wastewater and removal chemical of oxygen demand(COD), phenolic compound and total dissolved solid(TDS). The feed concentration of COD and Phenol equal to 1260 and 1.95 mg/lit respectively while the feed concentration of TDS equal to 1800 PPM. The air was input to ozone generation by pipes then go to bubble reactor that full by wastewater to treatment it. The concentration of ozone that uses in the treatment is (125, 188,250, 313, 375 mg/ whiles the other condition was kept constant (Temperature=27 c, PH=10). The results show the efficiency of ozone to treatment of wastewater where the removal of COD, Phenol & TDS are 69.87 %, 77.78 %, 78.76 % at reaction time 90, 65, 65 minute respectively, then the results showed that the typical con. f ozone equal to (313 mg/ when removal of COD, while the typical concentration Of ozone equal to (250 mg/ at removal of Phenol & TDS.


Ozone, COD, Phenol, TDS.