Morphometry and Histological Architecture of 7 days Human Neonate cerebral cortex ( A Comparative study of Frontal and Occipital lobe )


Four samples of brain at age 1-7 days postnatally were obtained, fixed by 10% neutral bufferedformalin immediately after removal from the skull, for 24 hrs. Specimens from frontal and occipital lobes were taken and immersed in formalin 10% for 48 hrs. and processed histologically to obtain slides at 6 micrometer thickness and stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E). The present results clarify that the mean brain measurement from the frontal to occipital pole was177.0 mm, while the measurements of the frontal and occipital cortices were 2.680 & 2.903 mm respectively.The histological technique was done to obtain slides for examination under light microscope. The result indicated that the frontal and occipital region of cerebral cortex formed by six layers, molecular, external granular, external pyramidal, internal granular, internal pyramidal and multiform layers.