Design and improvement high pass filters for microwave region


In the present work theoretically optimization design of wide and narrow band pass filters have been suggested over the range (8.5-11.5)×〖10〗^6 nm.) within Microwave region to use in modern optical laser system. These design based on quarterwave stack, for the numerical calculation, we used Sio2 as the substrate, Zinc oxide (Zno) and Silicon Si) as low and high refractive index respectively. For the normal incidence at the wavelength design 10×〖10〗^6 nm, the results shows that the transmittance for the suggested design, (A/(HL)ZHH(LH)Z/Sio2), was (99.99 %). Also the number of order and the effect of incidence angle were investigated. The results shows that the transmittance maximum value at Z=2 and the full width at half maximum decreases in the normal incident .while when the angle of incidence increase the transmittance of Electric polarization(TE) will decreases and the transmittance of Magntic polarization(TM) increase with shifting of wavelength design toward shorter wavelengths of electromagnetic spectrum.