Detection Immunohistochemical of P21 and P27 expression in Uterine Tumors.


Background:Several studies assessed gene and protein expression of p21 in endometrial carcinoma(EC), and mention that P21 represent an important participant in EC Cell invasion and metastasis ,while some researchers indicat that there were no apparent differences in immunostaining for p21.Other studies found that p27 expression significantly reduced in the endometrial carcinoma and inactivation ofP27 proteins is a specific feature in the progression of this cancer. Methodology: This study has used Immunohistochemistry for detection the gene expression of p21 and p27 in tissue specimens from 70 hysterectomized patients diagnosed with malignant uterine tumors (30 cases), non-malignant uterine tumors (25 cases),and 15 cases as control tissues groups.Results: The results of moleculare detection of P21 revealed12 (40%) in malignant uterine tumor 8(32%) non-malignant uterine tumor and 5(33.3%) in control groups and low expression of P27 revealed in all groups :5 (16.7%) in malignant uterine tumor 6(24%) non-malignant uterine tumor and 2(13.3%) in control groups. Conclusions: Decrease in expression of P21 was found mostly in malignant endometrial uterine tumors and this expressions occur could have correlated to the an early events of their tumorgenesis while low expression of P27 in hysterectomized patients mostly appear in non-malignant uterine tumors at the endometrial sites.