The Disturbance of Civil Peace and its Negative Effect on Increasing Housing Incapacity in the Districts of Baghdad Province


Humanity has suffered for a long time from the threats of wars and internal conflicts, which affected its structure causing destructive effects in all aspects. Human beings are eager to maintain their economic and social development and sovereignty on their private property. They reject any policy that deprives them from these rights. Civil peace is regarded as the pillar of national development in any community. It should be implemented in radical changes in the social and behavioral structures as well as administrative and political regimes. After the invasion of 2003, the Iraqi community in general and the Bagdad community in particular has suffered from disturbance in civil peace which become more severe after the events of Samarra in February 2006 which triggered sectarian violence and changed the rate of internal displacement which reached 3,620,328 (1). This phenomenon caused much damage to the life of Baghdadis. For instance, the displaced families that lived in schools and public offices caused the increase of demand on housing. This study sheds the light on the effect of the disturbance of civil peace on the increase of demand on housing in Baghdad province.