Quality of the political administration between the reliability of the electronic administration - and the quality of wise governance


Abstract: The quality of political administration assimilate in two dimensions considered as a two major pillars to make a positive change , the first pillar is : the reliability of electronic management, and the second: the quality of wise governance, then the state, which seeks to implement electronic management and achieve wise governance, is a high political quality, and electronic administration means digitizing institutional administration in response to the digital age, and applying the principle of (contact and do not move), meaning that finding the electronic administration to conduct transactions electronically taken three forms: from institutions to the institutions, from the institutions to the citizen, and from the citizen to the institutions, and its goal is to deploy the largest amount of the rule of law (transparency, accountability, quest) that achieve the speed of response (integrity), which motivate the building of the pillars of the wise governance. Based on this, this paper attempts to shed light on the role of the political administration in the application of electronic management, and achieve wise governance through the reduction of bureaucratic power and combating administrative corruption and install rational values of the rule, and monitor the performance of the curators of the power, and how it has managed to embody the political administration of this dimensions and has coordinated between them to adapt and change.