Design of Voltage Mode 6th Order Elliptic Band-pass Filter Using Z-Copy Current Follower Transconductance Amplifier )ZC-CFTA(


This paper describes the realization of the new configuration of an active element namely, Z Copy Current Follower Transconductance Amplifier (ZC-CFTA). In this study, the elliptic 6th order voltage-mode (VM) Band-pass filter was configured based on the ZC-CFTA, which operates at a high frequency of about 30 MHz. The active element also contains floated and grounded inductance with one capacitor. The ZC-CFTA which is an ABB (Active Building Block) is configured with a passive element that is the 6th order elliptic Band Pass Filter. The results LT-SPICE software simulation using 0.18µm CMOS processing parameter show that the designed filter could be operated at a supply voltage of 0.9V and it offers the advantages of a small size and high gain.