Islamic politics origins and characteristics


The legitimate policy is part of the Shari'a and its purposes in achieving the interests of the people in the immediate and future and prevent the evils of them at all times and places, and meet their needs and not narrow them, through the management and organization and reform of life affairs, according to the texts of the Koran and Sunnah and sources of dependence, and jurisprudential rules and fundamentalism, And the application of this to the incidents and facts through the jurisprudence of texts and purposes and jurisprudence, and the jurisprudence of budgets, and jurisprudence priorities, and the jurisprudence of change, jurisprudence and empowerment and empowerment, and thus show the features of the Sharia and its benefits and policy in the development and theability and inclusiveness and accuracy and movement in the absorption of various life problems and affairs .These meanings lofty law and policy in shaping the path of life for humans and their assets on the Aloqom approach. I have chosen to contribute to the study of the meanings, objectives, limits, rules and rules of Shariah policy because of its great impact on the life of the Ummah and the need for it in our contemporary reality, and to remove the thumb and ambiguity from it, and uncover and clarify the facts about it.     The systematic depends on the original sources in the search, with the many competent legal policy references.