A Five Years Retrospective Study of Congenital Anomalies at Karbala City, Iraq


background: Congenital anomalies are one of the commonest causes of disability in the world but the data from community –based studies originating from developing countries are scanty.Objectives: To study the frequency and distribution patterns of congenital anomalies in Karbala city, Iraq during five years and to find any related aetiological factor for congenital anomalies occurrence.Materials & Methods: It is a retrospective study includes all appearant congenital anomalies in newborns during January2011-December2015.The data were collected from the neonatal care unit admission register & a specific register of recording congenital anomalies according to ICD-10(International classification of diseases &related health problems-10th revision) that’s introduced by WHO.The data were collected at the Karbala teaching hospital for pediatric where majority of sick newborns care occurs in this city. Variables were represented in a frequency tables & column charts.Results: The total enrolled cases of congenital anomalies in five years were 327 that’s form 9.19% of total admission to the neonatal care unit in our hospital(3586) ,the highest percentage were anomalies of the cardiovascular system(29.36%) followed by the gastrointestinal system(27,83%) then the musculoskeletal system (13.76%) and the least percentage was of cutaneous system(1.83%).Individually, there was a fluctuating increment in overall prevalence during the study period, but the highest numbers in 2014 & the least in 2012.Higher percentages for the urban residency, 18-35 years old maternal group, families of positive consguanity, & multipara’s mothers.Conclusions& recommendations: preponderance of the malformations of the cardiovascular system despite the underestimation of them due to delayed exhibition of symptoms so there are a great benefit from screening for a hidden congenital heart anomalies., I invite all countries for searching congenital anomalies & I recommend encouragement of higher education researchers to study genetic specialty & preventive health services as our country really required such services in addition to proper preparation of health care staffs.Keyword: Congenital anomalies, retrospective study, neonatal care unit, Karbala, Iraq