The contribution of some of the kinetic and physical capacity and self-concept in the performance of some of the basic skills in handball among the Babylon University squad


The physical and motor abilities are very important for players in defense and attack in handball as they contribute to the acquisition of motor skills and mastering them as they are closely linked to the player’s harmonic abilities, as well as contribute to distinguish player with accuracy of performance. Handball is one of the team games whose players tend to know themselves, and their personality. Their performance skills are influenced by the self-concept. The research aimed to identify the physical and motor abilities, self-concept and the essential skills among the University of Babylon’s squad in handball and determine the proportion of the contribution of physical and motor abilities and self-concept in performing the essential skills. The researcher used the descriptive approach with the correlation method due to its suitability to the nature of the research. The researchers identified the research population, who were the Babylon University’s squad in handball for the academic year 2013-2014, who were 16 players; 12 players were selected randomly to represent the research sample. The researchers used in the main experiment the physical and objective, skill tests and used the self-concept measurement after extracting a scientific transactions. For the purpose of processing the data statistically, the researchers used statistical SPSS for the social sciences through the following tools: arithmetic mean, standard deviation, simple correlation Spearman coefficient-multi, simple linear regression coefficient, percentage of contribution (Enter) - percentage of contribution (Stepwise). The two researchers reached a number of conclusions; the most important ones were that there were no significant correlation between agility and accuracy of shooting while standing in handball and the relationship of moral link between the transitional speed and the speed of the short passing and nothing significant correlation between self-concept and scrolling speed, as well as there were no significant correlation between compliance and the speed of scrolling relationship and contributed significantly both the (transition speed - the explosive power of the two legs– self-concept) in the short-scrolling in handball. The researchers also unearthed equations to estimate the skills surveyed in terms of some of the physical and motor abilities and self-concept.