Mentoring program for the development of learning motivation and its impact on learning the skill of 50-meter free swimming among the students of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Wasit


The psychological mentoring is regarded as one of applied fields of modern psychology, which aims to achieve human happiness and development. Mentoring process is an organized and planned aiming to help the student to understand himself and knows his abilities and develop skills and solve problems . Motivation that show the behavior of the learner is crucial to the process of learning and teaching since it is a prerequisite which may achieve educational goals in the multiple areas of learning both in the collection of information and knowledge(Cognitive side) or configuring attitudes and values (the emotional side) or in the composition of the different skills that are subject to factors training and practice (motor side). Swimming is one of the important sporting activities through which body can get fitness and health habits as well as leading to improve the functions of the heart , respiratory and circulatory systems , and it has a direct impact on the vital organs of the body all. The current research aimed to build a program for the development of learning and increase students' keenness to raise the level of self-confidence during the entry to the swimming pool .