The impact of the proposed training program in some muscle hypertrophy among basketball players


Muscle hypertrophy for most of the events has become one of the branches of the physiology of sports training Muscle hypertrophy means to increase muscle mass and and its cross-sectional, and in fact, the increase in the perimeter of the muscle is due to increasing the width of muscle fibers, consisting of muscle. The growth of the size of the muscle and hypertophy as a result of a burden excessive physical training and especially training weightlifting ,which have become a necessity and essential when the players get training in collective events such as basketball whose prominent characteristics are speed and strength at the performance. Thus, the use of amplification process of the muscles in basketball contribute and greatly increase the strength and speed of the players, not to mention the increased space for each player when increasing muscle size. The research aims to:1. Prepare a proposed training program in muscle hypertrophy of the basketball applicant players .2. Identify the effect of the proposed program in the hybertrophy muscles among basketball applicant players ..