Accuracy relationship and some types of muscle strength with some basic skills offensive handball


The movement of scientific development advancement in the field of sports included and this is reflected in the difference games, including the game Handball causing the rapid spread because they contain a diverse and interesting technical skills to the viewer and can be considered of games that work on spreading the spirit of cooperation and standardization effort for the purpose of access to the sports level high. As the handball players do not just functional variables and physical characteristics, but they need other requirements Kalmharrat primary mission of the game and all means necessary moves aimed by the player according to the law of the game. Therefore, we believe that the efforts of the coaches are focused in an attempt to develop these basic skills Kaltmrer receiving and scoring and other possibilities, according to the player and his physical and his position in the play and duties . The precision key factor in most sporting events and its active role in the performance of basic skills hand reel They enable the player to carry out motor duty and thus achieve the goal of it, and include accurate implementation duty motor constriction of the joint muscles perform that duty motor so as to ensure the performance of the motor to be running smoothly and with minimal effort and precision reflect the individual's ability to guide the voluntary movements towards a particular goal, as in the handling and shooting accuracy in handball. The power element is itself one of the most important physical abilities as they have a significant impact on all kinds of correction hand reel must therefore be characterized handball player strongly correction in order to score as many goals and that is the ultimate goal of the performance of the rest of the skills of the game, and this own principles in the game .