Frustration in Sport and its Influence on the Performance of Advanced Athletes on the Middle-distance run, Long-Distance Run and Sprints


The psychological factors of sporters has become an important concern of sport psychologists, for sport offers a great opportunity to observe the human behavior. In order to set out the limits of these psychological factor, all efforts were focusses on being as objective as possible.Sport psychology plays a great role in solving many problems concerning the sporters themselves and their performance, and its effect is greater on individual sports rather than team sports. In individual sports, the player has to depend on his own abilities and capabilities, meanwhile this responsibility might be shared between the members of the team in team sports (dividing it over the players will lessen the psychological burdens of each individual player).The purposes of this research are:1- Identifying sport frustration for the advanced athletes of season 2014-20152- Pointing out the achievements of the advanced athletes on the middle-distance run, long-distance run and sprints.3- Identifying the relation between the sporters' frustration and their achievements in athletics.