Determination of some oxides, methane and some aromatic compounds in air via monitoring station in Babylon province during 2011


The air pollution by any biological agent, physical or chemical may alter the natural characteristics of the atmosphere and harm happens to humans, animals and plants. Therefore, this study came for the purpose of conducting measurements of certain air pollutants that may cause concern to public health or have global effects. Air pollution by aromatic compounds, carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and methane were investigated monthly during 2011 by weather station of Babylon university within the province of Babylon by using the following devices: Fluoresence SO2 Analyzer, Chemiluminescence NOx Analyzer, Photometric O3 Analyzer, Gas Filter CO2 Analyzer, Synspec alpha 115 VOCs Analyzer GC and Synspec alpha 115 Methane Analyzer. The correlation coefficient was used to determine the relationship between pollutants and meteorological measuring . The results showed that the concentrations of SO2, NO, NO2, CO2, O3 and CH4 were (0.31 - 27.17 ), (20.27 -63.60 ), (49.13 - 136.26), (346.25 - 1648.75), (39.88- 75.70) and (1.31-3.08 ) ppm respectively and the concentrations of (aromatic compounds) O-xylene, P-xylene, benzene, ethyle benzene and toluene were (0.03 -0.23 ), (0.00 - 0.11 ), (0.16 -0.33 ), (0.21-0.51 ) and (0.19 - 0.49 ) ppb respectively on weather station during 2011. The results indicated that a high positive correlation between O3 with air temperature and negative correlation with relative humidity. Also positive correlation between O-Xylene with air temperature and negative correlation with relative humidity.