Fabrication and Characterization Membrane Prepared from Oxidized Multiwall Carbon Nanotube/Nylon 6 Composite


Mixed matrix nanofibres membranes were prepared, characterized, studied and evaluated for performance and properties in this research. Acid oxidized Multiwall carbon nanotubes MWCNTs embedded in Nylon 6 as matrix polymer were the materials used to create the prepared membranes. Through; the electrospinning process, the hydrophilicity of the membrane was enhanced by blending (MWCNTs) due to migration of functionalized MWCNTs into the membrane surface. Scanning electron microscopy SEM and morphology studies showed that average fiber diameters produced were about 72-193 nm and average pore size 183 - 226 nm . It was found that as fiber diameter decreases high porosity and small pore size will be created and increasing the amount of functionalized MWCNTs leads to increase of pure water flux. The MWCNT blended with Nylon 6 membranes showed better antibactericidal ability as compared to the neat Nylon 6 membranes. Water filter media with a high rejection ratio against heavy metal ions reached (80%) at (0.8 wt. % MWCNT) membrane. Addition of MWCNTs forms a membrane with high mechanical strength (4.158MPa) of Nylon/ 0.8 wt. % MWCNT.