The Influence of Vitamin C on Oxidation Stress and Certain Anti-Oxidant Enzymes of Football Players (Youth Class)


This research studies the damage caused by the free radicals that result from the oxidation process accompanying the competitive physical activity of football players. This damage is a consequence of the negative activity of the free oxygen and nitrogen radicals, corresponding an increased activity of certain anti-oxidant enzymes. The problem of this research is the oxidation stress caused by the free radicals which destroy the muscular tissue and decrease the muscular force, especially with a high intensity training load or during competitive effort.The purposes of this research are:1- Investigating the effect of vitamin C on oxidation stress and the activity of certain anti-oxidant activity before and after a competition.2- Investigating the effect of vitamin C on certain anti-oxidant enzymes before and after a competition.3- Identifying the differences between the observed variables of the control and experimental group during the posttests.