Correction of Measuring the Efficacy of the Scoring Skill in Handball during the European Championship 2010


The purpose of this research is analyzing the championship of the European teams generally, in order to identify the level of difficulty while calculating the scoring degree of handball players of the offensive line throughout the European Championship of 2010, as well as identifying the percentage of successful scorings and attempts made by the attacking players in comparison to the other players in each stage of the attack, andcorrecting the method of calculating the special points of the attacking players, (taking into account the distance from which the player scores). The researchers used the descriptive research method with an analytic scanning design, for this method suits the type of solution for this problem. The research sample is represented by the teams that occupy the first six positions during this championship, namely: France, Croatia, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, and Spain. Depending of the statistical means, the researcher concluded the following:1. There are certain differences in the evaluation of the attack players' performance, in comparison with the previous methods. 2. According to the results of this experiment, scoring by using the new method (from a distance of 6 and 9 meters with a specific shooting angle) turned out to be better than the previous method.One of the researchers' recommendations is the importance of using the suggested form, for it represents the calculation of the real efficacy of the attack players' performance.