Performance Assessment of AL-Hussein City Water Treatment Plant In Holly Karbala Governorate (HCWTP) By Statistical Program


This study aimed of a assessment performance al- Hussein City water treatment(HCWTP) that located in the northeastern part of the holy Karbala city. the evaluation of performance and comparison the result with standard limits were achieved After a development of statistical models that have been modeled by non-linear regression for the raw water quality parameter data of al-husayniyah river influent to the plant and the water effluent data from the plant for the same parameter but after treatment by using ,(Datafit) program version 9.1 software Such as these models approved that its very efficient and fast, and its can using at any time in the future especially at emergency condition to estimate the efficiency of plant, but it does not take some of the external conditions into account affecting the quality of the water, in general its very good application when you used in estimating the efficiency of plant. The results of this study showed after comparison with the Iraqi standard that all the properties of water of al-husayniyah river matching to the standard limits except Electrical conductivity recorded 1159.79 mhos/cm, 1183.4mhos/cm for hot and cold season respectively, its value higher than limitation. while the efficiency of al (HCWTP) is57.103%, 62.11% for hot and cold season respectively from the multi-regression efficiency model while the efficiency from single-regression is 44.25%,48.18% also for two season. so, the discharge of the plant has a evident effect in the estimation of the removal efficiency of each parameters as well as the overall efficiency of plant, But it is not the only element affecting in the estimation of the overall efficiency , for this reason the efficiency from multi-regression considered more accurate than from single- regression