The different recovery periods and their relation with some physiological Variables of Babylon University League players of Handball86


The study aims to identify the different periods for recovery and their relation with some physiological variables (Heart pulsing rate and Systolic and diastolic blood pressure) of Babylon university Handball league players so as to choose the suitable period for recovery .The descriptive approach has been used due to its suitability with the study objectives which included a sample of 14 players selected by deliberate method after excluding the goalkeeper . During test procedures , the researcher depended on the device of measuring heart pulsing rate . The measurements have been taken before and after the main test which included running , heart bp and device of measuring blood pressure on moving traffic (Alteradmill) And at angle (0.5) degrees and speed14 km / h for 2 minutes. After obtaining data of pre-test and post-test , data have been statistically processed, analyzed and discussed . Many conclusions and recommendations have been reached .