Isolation and Identification of Listeria monocytogenes in ice cream Available in Markets of Baghdad City


This study was conducted to investigate the contamination of dairy ice cream (local and imported) located in the city of Baghdad markets with Listeria monocyogenes L. (monocyogenes (bacteria by examining 50 samples of them during the months of July and August of 2015. Initial diagnosis was conducted on the agar media PALCAM (Polymyxin Acriflavin Lethium Chloride Ceftazidime Aesculin Mannitol Agar) a melanocyte selective differential media. Diagnosed isolates have confirmed their specific ownership to L. monocyogenes bacteria based on phenotypic agricultural traits and biochemical conventional methods tests like Catalase, oxidase, Motility and Hemolytic tests in addition to the use of modern diagnostic techniques represented both API Lesteria KIT which consists of 10 biochemical tests and CLEARVIEWTM technique that depend on the bacterial antigen reaction, especially flagella antigen as one of the advanced methods in the disclosure it. The results shown the presence of L. monocytogenes bacteria by 6% in the packaged and non- packaged local ice cream by conventional methods of isolation and diagnosis, while its ownership amounted to 4% in the same products when using Listeria KIT API and CLEARVIEWTM techniques, these bacteria did not detected the imported ice cream using the methods referred to above.