Evaluation of the Basic Education Program at Al-Aqsa University in Light of Professional Requirements for the New Palestinian Curriculum for grades (1-4)


The study aimed to determine the professional requirements for the new Palestinian curriculum for grades (1-4), and know the level of students' evaluative estimates for the basic education program at Al-Aqsa University in light of these requirements. It also aimed to detect differences in the level of students' estimates due to gender. The researcher used the descriptive and analytical approach, and chose a random sample of (109) male and female students of the study population totaling 522 in the fourth level in the of basic education program. The researcher prepared a list of professional requirements for the new Palestinian curriculum, and a 66- item questionnaire distributed into three domains.The study results indicated that the domain of personal requirements received the highest relative weight with a percentage of (82.6%), followed by the domain of the educational requirements with a relative weigh of (75.9%), then the specialized requirements with a relative weight of (75.1%),. Additionally , the general relative weight of the questionnaire was (77.1%).