The Structure of the Satiric Poetry- Wife's Satire During the First Abbasid Period as an Example


The addressable of this research filled of semantic lading, its bench a idiomatic strength, the researcher started from another study (poetic discourse sarcastic structure- Satire wife in the first Abbasid era) optional.This study indicated fore axis:1.Poetic image.2.The language.3.The style.4.The mechanism of different from traditional artistic structure.This study reached to some results through image which was supported to the semantic level, then it tended for reasonable direction not an artistic direction, on the other hand the language was used is simple and clear way.The style was varied according to the unconscious case which felt by the poet. In the last axes we observed different form traditional artistic structure, then we moved in an opposite start as is common at the opening, mingle with the pain of separation and suffering poet himself and what he carried of hate boredom toward his wife.