Mohammed Prophecy and The site of Germany Orientation


The search document of is not by the site of the thinking on their different of countries and reasons as well they became effected by the personality of the Arabian prophet Mohammed and it is hard to figure what has been written and said about him، so his prophecy bring us so many people mind and after him and it will be forever the people who keep talking about him and when we search this subject and seek for the truth، we do not seek from that to give expression about any of the orientation and the searches to provide his true prophecy and his great personality because we do not have a single atom doubt on him because the prophecy as a Muslim un axcaptlaple for discussion and that goes to the prophet and his many reasons and legacy which it contains as not before him contain of all life needs in the donia and religion and the elements of power and proves of truth and deserving and in his great abnormal personality، it become impossible to understand it, all we want to say is correction in all the wrong and deceived things that they depends on it.