Abd Al-Hadi Al-Jawahiri, A poet


He is a writer، a journalist، an inquisitor and poet. Abd Al-Hadi Al-Jawahiri is one of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf poets inherited poetry fron his father the mullah and poet Abd Al-Hussain Al-Jawahiri and his two brothers Abd Al-Aziz Al-Jawahiri and Muhammed Mahdi Al-Jawahiri، so poetry was truly a forming nature for this Jawahiri family. Abd Al-Hadi Al-Jawahiri left us a compilations some of them were typed and others not typed and left a collection of poems (unfortunately could not find it). The poetic purposes has been varied among lamenting، eulogy، dalliance، patriotism... etc، they were of traditional type carried contents accompanied the spirit of the poet era because they looked enlightening and liberating as his calling to social justice and distribution the wealth fairly and justice for the poor and advocacy of the wronged and fighting the unjust، the tyrant and the colonist،... etc. I devoted myself to studying these contents and analysing its methods and artistic expression