Using NDVI in the Simulation of Green Lands In Zubair by Using GSI


AbstractCartography known phenomena that represent symbols commensurate with the type of phenomenon and its extension , and the selection of scales commensurate with the presentation of this phenomenon and to highlight the location and spatial variation and the relations between geographical phenomena to get to the interpretation and conclusions. In light of the evolution of cartography talk and the emergence of several new technologies that facilitated the logical explanation for the relationships of spatial and area calculations , it was the subject of this research , which was taken from land uses green theme and geographic information systems and remote sensing means, where it came from research problem is the following:-- Is there a relationship between the distribution of green spaces at the level of the dwelling unit and between the numbers of people , where I went to the effect that the hypothesis that there is a discrepancy between the spaces of green areas and the preparation of the population , and this variation depends on the nature of the population and made the region , and timeliness.It took search of the town of Zubair , which lies in the southern part of the western province of Basra.And geographic applications are no longer efficient in the calculation of the spaces and the impossibility of it has been applied for asylum to the GIS and remote sensing using natural greenness index coefficient (NDVI) in the calculation and representation of the data based on the capabilities of these super software.