The effect of Guidance Program in Modifying Recall Habits in a sample of Students, College of Arts, Western Mountain, Libya


Abstract:Current research aimed at identifying the effect of a counseling program in modifying bad memorization habits for the faculty of literature undergraduates. A sample of (30) female undergraduates at the faculty of literature were intentionally selected. Then, the participants were randomly divided into two groups; the first was an experimental group and subjected to group counseling. The program lasted for two months (26 counseling sessions for the experimental group). Using T-test for two independent samples and Chi-square test, the two groups were equivalent in memorization habits and other mediating variables. By using ANOVA and Duncan method, statistically significant differences have appeared in favor of the experimental group in post measurement, with a significance of (0.01), stressing the effectiveness of the counseling program in modifying bad memorizing habits. According to the findings, recommendations and suggestions were included.