Study the Effect of Phosphorus Fertilizer and Seaweeds Extracts on the Growth , yield, and Oil Percentage of fenugreek Trigonelle foenum-graecum L.


A field study was performed at the horticulture experimental station of the department of horticulture and gardening landscape/College of Agriculture/University of Tikrit during the season of 2010-2011 on the plant of Fenugreek planted in plot of dimensions (3 X 3) m to find out the effect of phosphorus and sea weed extracts (sea force and Algae600) . The experiment was designed based on factorial experiment with complete randomized block design (RCBD) with three replicates . There are two factors of the study ; one is the levels of phosphorus P0 , P1 and P2 with concentration of 0 , 100, 200 kg of P2O5 Hectare . the second factor was spray with sea weed extracts S0 , S1 , and S2 of 0 gm . liter-1 , 2,5 gm . liter-1 Algae 600 and 2.5 ml/liter ,Sea force. The combinations of both factors also studied. The results showed that the addition of phosphorus fertilizer caused an increase in the values of average of all the studied characteristics and also the spray of Algae and Sea weeds which gave significant differences . the combination of P2S2 (which was 200 kg of P2O2 . h-1 + 2.5ml . liter-1 sea force) gave the highest vegetative growth characteristics and also the yield along with the oil percentage , it,s gave (75.33 , 110.0 , 251.8 , 67.4 , 43.33 , 679.43 , 8.53) of characteristics (plant height , leaf number , leaf area , chlorophyll spad ,pod nomber , yield and oil percentage) over other treatment with comparison treatment who gave (41 , 69.66 , 161.5 , 46.31 , 21.66 , 256.31 , 5.40) at respectively .