Effect Of Castration Methods On Gene Expression Of Androgen Receptor Gene In Skeletal Muscles Of Awassi Sheep


The effect of castration on skeletal muscle development in awassi sheep were studied at the gene expressed for androgen receptor. The result showed that live weigh for epididymectomy rams was heavier than control and orchidectomy rams, respectively. There was significant difference (p < .05). By using the (2^ΔCT) with reference gene method, the findings documented that there was higher up-regulated in mRNA expression for androgen receptor in splenius muscles cells for epididymectomy rams compare with interact rams. In contrast, there was down-regulated for mRNA expression for androgen receptor cells for orchidectomy rams. In conclusion the continuous producing of testes hormones lead to growth of skeletal muscles of wether's significant increase the growth of skeletal muscles of wethers by epididymectomy companied with other rams.