Content of Amino Acids in Poultry Meat Products


This work presents the results of detailed studies of protein quality of 13 kinds of poultry products; presents the results of the determination of amino acids from a total of 108 samples. Demonstrates the results of protein studies and discusses the importance of poultry fats (content of selected fatty acids), salts, nitrates and minerals. Based on the appraisal of the manufacturing process steps the study considers their possible impact on the biological value of the final products that are consumed in standard amounts, pointing out some of the possible adverse effects on the biological value of poultry raw material, adverse impacts of some added substances, increased by final processing. Results of studies of poultry products also prove that the use of additives must be prudent and there should be the maximum extent of use limited as much as possible; there must be carefully considered the necessity of each technological step and its impact on the raw material, finished product as well as the consumer's health.