Ability harmonic and their relationship to the level of academic achievement


A search on the front and the importance of research and researchers to ways that development sought by all peoples and countries, especially the developed ones is due to concern for the individual and work on integrated upbringing upbringing Per aspects Those communities considered to be the most important investment is to invest in human to do that is bestowed spending in the field of human development and study the minutes of the things that could have an impact in the integration of its construction From the above it is the latest study, the researchers identified the sports side a goal, especially kinetic qualities and a synergy of it as an important and clear the level of mental capacity and an indication of its operations, the same processes that depend upon the individual process of academic achievement. As the research problem Each community's particular problems appear from time to time, but the advanced societies diagnose problems through remote sensing her and work to resolve them through studies and research that sets the treatment for each problem. one of the major problems in Iraqi society is the marked decline level academic achievement and this is what touched researchers through Maisthma sons of the problems of society and through field visits to the departments of schools in the province of Basra . What goals identified at the level of harmonic ability to sample and identify the educational attainment level of the sample and identify the relationship between the level of harmonic capacity and the level of academic achievement for the research sample The most important conclusions from the self-study materials and scientific nature more closely associated with the level of kinetic qualities he shares Maha any mental processes used to treat the information. What the most important recommendations that all parties were motor has a high correlation with the scientific level of the one who should pay attention to the academic literary side so that there is creativity in action on the grounds that the human brain to control the motor Parties shall adopt the principle of scientific thinking not save in decision-making