The reasons for the poor and weak line dictation with the basic second grade primary school students in Jerusalem mixed for the Study of the Arabic language


Investigated the current study the causes of poor quality of line with the basic second grade students in Jerusalem Elementary School mixed for the Study of the Arabic language, and the study sample consisted of four students from the second grade students were randomly selected were submitted test them after Oharnahm keep an appointment and prepare for this exam, and to achieve the goal of the study the researchers conducting observation and testing on the sample that was selected researchers have observed the deterioration of the line when some students through homework Home and assigning them inside the classroom solving worksheets within the same group and through their writing when solving the questions on the blackboard and to check the veracity of the tool used by the researcher were presented to three arbitrators specialists from the faculty of the research topic members, but the stability of the tool was used data collection strategies commitment to design Search the case study will resort to several sources to gather the necessary data for this study, "which is known trinity," and will include sources of documents and data from interviews