Effect of the Japanese yodai strategy in the collection of fourth-grade students in the scientific Arabic grammar


Aimed at the current research is to identify the impact of the impact of the Japanese yodai strategy in the collection of students fourth grade science in the Arabic language rules and achieve the goal of the research, coined the researcher two assumptions Cefreeten Mlaimtin to search and chose determined experimentally a partial restraint, rewarded researcher between the two sets of research in a number of variables, and then determine scientific material and formulation of behavioral objectives and prepare daily lesson plans, promising researcher test in Arabic grammar be of (40) items of the test type of multi, make sure researcher of sincerity and persistence, and at the end of the application of the experiment, which lasted an entire semester, dish researcher language test rules Arab dimensional, and to learn significance of differences between the mean scores of the two groups used the Find researcher Altaia test for two independent samples in the statistical data processing, and the results showed the superiority of the experimental group to the control group in the collection