Algebraic Attack On Stream Cipher Based On Genetic Algorithms


Pseudonoise sequences generated by linear feedback shift register (LFSRs) with some nonlinear combining functions have been proposed as running key generators in stream ciphers .Genetic algorithm has become a suitable searching or optimization tool for solving many complex problems comparing with the traditional search techniques. Genetic algorithm contains many manipulations to speed up and improve the genetic algorithm performance; these manipulations are selection, crossover and mutation.This paper considers a new approach to cryptanalysis based on the algebraic attack with the application of a directed random search algorithm called a Genetic algorithm. It is shown that such an algorithm can be used to reduce the number of trials which are needed to solve any system of linear and/or nonlinear Boolean equations and determine the initial setting (basic key) of the attacked generator using known plaintext attack, since stream cipher encryption can be expressed by a linear and / or nonlinear system of Boolean equations.Well known system are taken for the case of study:1- Pless system,2- Geffe system, 3- Bruer system, 4- J-k flip-flop, 5- OR system, 6- Multiplying (AND) system, 7- Police systems, and 8- Multiplexing.