Induction of fertile estrus in Iraqi camel (camelus dromedarius) during seasonal anoestrus


This study was performed on 36 Iraqi she- camels aged between 5-8 years from Sept .2016 to Apr. 2017 in Al- Najaf province, these animals divided into three equal groups (12 for each one ) randomly according to the type of treatments , 1st group treated with CIDR (1.38gm progesterone ) intr-avaginaly for 10 days and 2000 I.U of PMSG /I.M injected withdrawal CIDR directly , 2nd group treated with CIDR for 14 days + 2000 I.U PMSG /I.M while 3rd group without treatment and represented the control group. The results in this study showed superior significantly (p<0.01) in 2nd group related with animals response compared with 1st and 3rd group as well as significantly between 1st and 3rd group, while the duration of response was recorded highly significantly (p<0.01)for the treated groups (1st&2nd) compared with control group( 3rd) . But the number of services per conception which recorded non significantly (p<0.01) between all groups, while the pregnancy rate was recorded 100%, 90% and 100% in 1st ,2nd and 3rd groups respectively with significantly (p<0.01) related with 1st and 3rd compared with 2nd group. Finally the days open recorded 94.13±7.01 , 97.24±6.78 and 153.57±12.64 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups respectively with highly significant for 1st and 2nd compared with 3rd group. In conclusion in this study that they used hormonal treatments (CIDR +PMSG ) for induction of fertile estrus was safe and effect for increasing pregnancy rate and reduction days open.