A Study of some the optical properties for (SnO2) thin films prepared by Sol-Gel method


In this research a bilateral tin oxide (SnO2) thin films was prepared by Sol-Gel method, flow coating technique which is considered a simple and cheap technique. The horizontal sample preparation with and without the use of installed, and also with installed to vertical sample. Results of optical spectroscopy that the biggest values of the transmittance T was for horizontal films with an installed, as for the absorbance A was the biggest values of the vertical sample. For the reflectivity R was value in the horizontal films with installed, less than a horizontal films without Sticky as well as for films vertical. The results of the energy gap Eg for that direct allowed and forbidden transitions and for the indirect allowed and forbidden transfers for the studied Samples were also calculated, and they showed that the highest value of Eg was (3.85eV) for the direct forbidden transfers in the horizontal sample with installer, while the lowest value of Eg was (3.65eV) for the indirect allowed transfers without installer. The vertical film with indirect showed the lowest value for the energy gap ever (3.45eV) for the indirect allowed transitions.