Geochemical Distribution of Heavy Metals in some Soils of Waist Governorate


Several soil samples 36 were collected from different areas (residential, industrial, commercial, major roads and agriculture) to investigate some heavy metals concentration (Pb, Ni, Cr and Cd) and their geographical distribution inside Waist city one sample has been selective for each area with depth 0-30 cm. Results showed that there is a differences in the level of accumulation in some of the soils, particularly with Lead and Nickel, which was probably caused by human activities. The increase of elements concentration (Pb, Ni, Cr and Cd) are associated mostly with industrial areas, locations where sewage water are released and points were household waste are disposed. Concentration averages of (Pb, Ni, Cr and Cd) in collected soil samples from waist province residential areas recorded 38.9, 46.9, 59.1 and 0.231 mg kg-1 respectively. Meanwhile, the rates of same metals in the industrial areas soil were 81.2, 83.7, 87.6 and 1.78 mg kg -1, respectively, and 66.8, 79.0, 72.6 and 1.36 mg kg-1 in soil samples collected from main roads sides. Compared with the commercial sector soils samples 41.4, 47.6, 61.7 and 0.280 mg kg-1. The lowest concentration recorded were 18.2, 22.4, 21.6 mg kg-1 and is perceptible concentrations of Cd respectively, in agricultural collected soils.