The relation of kindergartens teachers emotive equanimity with the kindergarten child's anxiety


The researcher aims to detect the emotive equanimity in kindergartens teachers,also to uncover the anxiousness in children of kindergartens,then to detect the relationship between them,then to choose the simple random way which is about(180) teachers and children,when the twore searchers made two tools to measure the emotive equanimity and the anxiety for both teachers and children,statistical methods had been used include:(pearsons correlation coefficient,t-test for one sample,t-test for two independent samples are individuals).the researcher led to multiple results:1-the teacher has an emotive equanimity.2-children has no anxiousness.3-there is no correlation that statistical function between the emotive equanimity in kindergartens teachers and the anxiousness in the children of kindergartens. The two researchers suggested to make astudy about the relation between the emotive equanimity and the humane skills which the headmistress of the kindergarten have.