Effect ofGamma radiation on the Structural and Optical properties of PVA: CuO films.


In this research, the study effect irradiation on structural and optical properties of film (PVA: CuO) bycastingmethod, with thickness of( 20±1) µm. And used Cs137to obtained Gamma ray with energy(662)KeV and time irradiation(50)h and affectivity (4.3)ci.The investigation of (XRD) indicates that the (PVA: CuO) films are polycrystalline. The results of the measuring the grain size increasing after irradiation with gamma ray from (6.424-9.091)nm. The absorbance and transmittance spectra have been recorded in the wavelength range (300-1100) nm.Results show that theoptical band gap for (PVA: CuO) increasing after irradiation with gamma ray from (2.3-2.7)eV. Andthe absorption coefficient,extinction coefficient, refraction index, the finesse coefficient andthe optical conductivity are increase after irradiated with gamma ray .