Evaluation of Imaging Study Results in Limping Patients Related to Hip


Limping is a common chief complaint among children while presenting to the orthopaedic clinics need medical attention and essential consultation from orthopaedic surgeon. To evaluate the imaging study findings of limping patients and their associated risk factors and causes related to hip joint. 80 patients with limping who referred from orthopaedic clinics to radiological clinic in Al-Hilla Teaching Hospital for imaging study of hip joints, between December 2010 and December 2015 were included in this study. Report information of the patient regarding name, age, sex, address, medical and family history and short examination of gait, hip joints and lower limbs. Then imaging study for hip joints done. Clinically (26.3%) of patients had pain, meanwhile, (22.8%) of patients had unilateral pain. (78.8%) of patients had equal leg length and (75.0%) of patients had normal daily activity. (81.3%) had normal range of motion. (81.3%) of limping patients had positive findings by CT scan and MRI. (35.4%) of limping patients with positive finding had perthes disease. Majority of limping patients related to hips appear positive finding by imaging studies, which lead to definitive diagnosis. In addition, the most common cause of limping related to hip joints in this study was perthes disease. Imaging studies (C-T scan, MRI) are good tools for diagnosis of limping patients related to hip causes